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Making Memories realizes there are literally thousands of medical resources available on the web regarding breast cancer, and each of those sites has links to even more. The overwhelming task of trying to sift through them all can be a daunting task to say the least. This list is only a small sampling of what is available and it is our hope that one of these sites will answer the questions you are seeking answers for…

A Silent Slayer- Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Primary document on OncoLink for information about breast cancer metastases to vital organs.



Journal of American Medical Association
Journal of Clinical Oncology
The Lancet Interactive Medical Journal - Women Cancer and Community
Medscape Oncology
New England Journal of Medicine
Brain Tumor Metastasis
Johns Hopkins information on brain metastases.

Dying Bald
“Do you really think your family, especially your kids, will remember only the bald you, just because it was the last time they saw you? We recognize people -- remember them -- by a variety of cues, not all of them visual.”

Dying To Be Heard
“Like so many others...thousands of others every year...I was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer after celebrating that five year anniversary.”

Ending Days“Many of us have little ones we have to leave behind. We can only be glad that we have had the opportunity to have known them.”

Guidelines on Things to Do For Cancer Patients
"This list is intended as a help guideline of things that may be done to help the cancer patient. You may think of other things which will improve the quality of care. It is also a guide line for what to prepare for in the advent of death.”

Journal of a Living Lady
Nancy White Kelly a humorous, but honest look at the course of metastatic breast cancer.

Lana's List of Things to Do
"Here are some things I am working on right now for my peace of mind and tangible evidence of love."

The Median Isn't the Message

Is Breast Cancer Cured?
Stories written by those with metastatic breast cancer .

Moms, Mets and Teenagers
“I think that being the mother of school age children, whether elementary or high school, and having cancer really sucks.”

Mothers with Metastatic Cancer
“The pain of a diagnosis of metastatic cancer fills the cup to the brim. The thought of your young child or children growing up without their mother causes that pain to overflow from that cup. Under the circumstances, I adopt a prepare to die but expect to live philosophy.”

Nancy's Rules
“Nancy lived with Inflammatory Breast Cancer for two years. Rules evolved as we went along and her sister, Elizabeth Hamilton, wrote them down for your pleasure.”

"The Permission To Be Less Than Perfect" (In answer to a question, "How do I make my husband understand?".

Second Opinions Upon Recurrence“The question is what to do if your cancer returns unexpectedly after being in remission or metastasizes during treatment.. The basic rule is don't panic. You got through this once, you can do it again.”

Someone Missing - Poem

Standard of Care
‘Cancer cells are unique entities and very "smart" machines. They are only interested in cell survival - and growth and division are survival tools. ‘

Survivors, Travelers, Pilgrims, Warriors
“Therefore, I consider myself a traveler, not a survivor, and I travel on this cancer journey, I walk or crawl or run this cancer road.”

Things That Must Be Discussed
Questions such as, “What to do about minor children, especially if, like mine, they aren't the spouse's?”

True Heroes
“When you're only seventeen and the world seems so close to you, yet in reality so far away, it is hard dealing with the many obstacles life can throw your way.”

Waiting ... Cancer Test Results
“The night before the bone scan - - dreading the drive to the hospital - wondering why I convinced my oncologist that scans every 6 months were what I wanted.”

You Ain't Dead
”The diagnosis horror will pass.”